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Sunday, December 02, 2007

She Finally Came

It's been several weeks since Abby lost her tooth. The tooth fairy just didn't show up. She kept telling me, the toothfairy didn't come. Well, she must be busy. Or maybe she's a little short on cash. She finally came, and decided not to take her tooth with her. Probably becuase it was in a cute teeth container Abby got from the school. I told her, if the tooth fairy gives you money and still leaves the tooth, that means she wants you to keep it. Emi says, how do you know, Mommy? :) Because that is the tooth fairy rule.


emily said...

Hey mrs.See!!!!!! Nice was awsome. Hey even though im right next door tell emi i said hi.

P.S. oh on the photo " the whiner" i saw my dog on their. Ha ha i get it!
from emily

Mother Bliss said...

Actually, Charlie just happened to be in the photo. I was talking about Sage...