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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lake Elsinore

We drove down to Lake Elsinore to meet up with my parents at a hot springs, and arrived a couple hours early so we can hang out at the lake. The lake was huge.
But it sucked to have a lake in front of you, and all you can do is look at it. No swimming, not even wading.

So we drove around the lake looking for a picnic area or a playground, and came to a gate. $10 per vehicle to enter. I don't think so. So we turned around to see if we can check in early.

Saw a funny picture on a sign. I know drunk driving a boat is no laughing matter, but the picture made us laugh.

The House of Siloam, run by a Korean couple, a hot springs retreat. My parents wanted to go somewhere with some hot springs for their x-mas getaway, and this was close for them and us, about 1 1/2 hrs. away, so we met up with them for an overnight stay.

They had a swimming pool at 90*F, perfect for the kids to swim around.

The room came with a kitchen, which was nice. We didn't have to eat sitting on the beds.

Each room has its own deep Japanese style tub that you can fill with the hot springs water. So if you wanted to go in naked, you can, without having people stare at you.

After a nice soak, we walked around Old Town, a few blocks of stores. We found Santa's sled.

An outdoor tub in a gazebo.

An open-air jacuzzi. The sulfur in the water kinda stunk, but I guess that's what makes the water medicinal. The water felt really good though. My parents took a liking to the place, so we might join them again in the future. This wasn't David's kinda place, but the kids enjoyed it. Overall, it's an OK place, but the kids and I would go again. The kids always enjoy getaways.

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