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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I gave my coin purse a makeover. That thing was just starting to fall apart, but I wasn't ready to throw it away it. It was just the right size, and I was holding on to it till I found a replacement. But its really hard to find a decent one that I liked. You never find what you want when you're looking for it. So I started picking it apart to see how it was put together. A fairly simple concept, really, so I went and got some fabric and brought it back to life.




Polliwoggy said...

Wow! That's super-cool. I just got a new sewing machine as a gift and I've been itching to see what I can make or repair. This is inspiring. It looks lovely.

Mother Bliss said...

Thanks. This was sewn by hand, sometimes I get too lazy to pull out my sewing machine. My oldest, Emi, has joined the Jr. Quilters Club at school. She's 10, and learned the sewing machine. She brought her project home to work on over x-mas break. I was impressed at what she can do, being her first time and all. I'll post a blog on that soon. The things you can make are limitless. Have fun!